Download Technical Communication Syllabus

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Download Technical Communication Syllabus


1. Drawing Instruments and their uses Letters and numbers (single stroke vertical), Convention of lines and their applications. Scale (reduced, enlarged & full size) plain scale and diagonal scale. Sheet layout. Geometrical constructions.

 2. Active Devices Semiconductor : Rectifier diode, Zener diode, Varactor diode, Tunnel diode, Photo, Light emitting diode (LED), Bipolar transistor, junction field effect transistor (JFET), Mosfet, Photo transistor, Uni junction transistor (UTJ), Silicon control rectifier (SCR), Diac, Triacs outlines ( with their types numbers e.g TO3, TO5, TO18, TO39, TO65 etc) of the different types of semiconductor diodes, Transistors Scrs, Diacs, Triacs and ICs (along with indicators for pin identification etc.)

 3. Orthographic projections Introduction to Orthographic projections. Conversion of pictorial view into Orthographic, Views (First Angle Projection Method Only), Dimensioning technique as per SP-46

 4. Isometric projection Isometric scale, Conversion of orthographic views into isometric View/projection(Simple objects) Projection of Straight Lines and Planes. (First Angle Projection Method only)

5. Logic gates(With the help of rough sketch/clues given) Draw standard symbols of NOT, AND, NAND, OR, NOR XOR, Expandable & Tristate gates, Op, Amp, Ic, Flip-flops (Combination of 2,3,4 input gates should be drawn). 

6. Graphical Representation of data General concept, selection of variables & curve fitting, curve indentification zeropoint location. Use of various graph paper and preparation of diagram from given data. Bar charts, pie graph, pictorial graph. 

7. Circuit Diagram(With the help of rough sketch/clues given) Circuit of UPS, Block diagram of an Electronic multimeter, Circuit of Modem, Circuit diagram of Voltage stabilizers, Connection wiring diagrams, Point to point pictorial, P.C.B layout of a single electronic circuit on a graph sheet. Keeping in view the actual size of the components.


− Drawing 

− Assignments and quiz/class tests 

− Mid-term and end-term written tests

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